Are you running out of space? With your own new, large, clean, dry storage container, you can easily store whatever you’ve no longer got room for.

You get access any day of the week. Our brand new containers come with top of the range features including: lock box and squire padlocks, multiple air vents, wind and water tight construction, 27mm marine plywood flooring and multiple lashing points, making them some of the best storage solutions on the market today.

Our new storage site is super convenient –  we are just a minute  from the A1 at Dunbar, just across from East Links Farm Park.

There are many reasons why using a container makes sense:  

If your house is on the market you might need to clear the decks to show it at its best. Decluttering really does work, so why not take some temporary storage space to stash your stuff while your prospective buyers view your home in all its tidy glory.

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes house deals and dates don’t dovetail and you need to store the contents of a property in between moving out and moving in. With one of our big containers you can store large-scale items as well as plenty of boxes and solve a temporary storage problem.

Whether downsizing a business premises or needing a temporary storage solution, we can look after your office desks, chairs and even valuable IT and technical equipment until you need them next.

If you’re giving your home a major makeover and the builders have moved in, you’ll need somewhere dry, safe and easily accessible to keep your house contents until the transformation is complete. Use Dunbar Storage to keep your things out of the way while your renovations take place.

Summer uni vacations are long, and you can’t usually leave your things over the holidays. Rather than lugging it all back home for unpacking, so why not use us to stash your stuff so the boxes are all ready to uplift when it’s the start of the new term.

It’s a buzz word right now, but shifting extra clutter and freeing up your garage is a great way to breathe new life into your home. If you’re not sure whether you want to keep things or not, use Dunbar Storage to take care of household items and personal possessions which you don’t need every day but might use in the future.

These days it’s not just gap year kids who take time out to see the world. If you’re needing a place for your belongings while you go travelling – maybe you’re renting out your home or giving up a rental – then Dunbar Storage can help.

To book a container please use our handy contact us form: Contact us